The Promoting Members

Fondazione Golinelli

The Golinelli Foundation was established in Bologna in 1988 at the behest of entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli.
Over the years, the Foundation has developed an integrated and articulated ecosystem in support of the culture and development of our country, intervening directly and operationally in all cross-cutting areas where innovation intersects with the socio-economic fabric: culture, education, training, higher education, research and technology transfer, startup incubation and acceleration, venture capital, and open innovation…

Fondazione Sardegna

The Fondazione Sardegna pursues goals of public interest and social utility. In particular, it promotes the socio-economic development of the Sardinia region and pursues its objectives within predefined areas of intervention, through the allocation of contributions or financing to projects and initiatives of others, or through the promotion of its own projects and initiatives, also in collaboration with other public and private entities.
The Fondazione Sardegna, in pursuing its institutional mission, has long established agreements in partnership with the main universities on themes of scientific research…

AF – Alternative Asset Advisor

Antonio Falcone boasts 25 years of experience in the Asset Management sector, having worked in prominent companies such as Gruppo Deutsche Bank, Diners Italia, Axa Assicurazioni, and Unicredit.
He has a significant track record of roles, functions, positions held, and objectives achieved. Particularly noteworthy is his role as Investment Manager at the Pension Fund Inarcassa, where for three consecutive years the same Fund was awarded the IPE prize for Best European Fund Manager for risk allocation and for the Alternative Investments category…