Fondazione Golinelli was established in Bologna in 1988 by the entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli.

Over the years, the Foundation has created an integrated and articulated ecosystem in favor of the culture and development of our country, intervening directly and operationally in all cross-cutting areas where innovation intersects with the socio-economic fabric: culture, education, training, higher education, research and technology transfer, startup incubation and acceleration, venture capital, and open innovation.

The Foundation has now become a philanthropic holding company that manages and controls purpose-driven companies (such as G-Lab S.r.l., a social enterprise for education and professional training, and G-Factor S.r.l., an accelerator and venture builder), governs cultural centers (Golinelli Arts and Sciences Center), develops technological research platforms (Golinelli Virtual Lab), coordinates and guides schools (Marino Golinelli School of Ideas, a private secondary school), actively participates in investment companies in startups and innovative SMEs (UTOPIA SIS S.p.A.), consortia, and innovation centers (Bi-Rex), and other cultural entities (BUP Foundation Publishing House).

Since 2009, more than 1.5 million boys and girls from all over Italy have participated in educational projects designed and implemented by the Foundation; 700,000 visitors have been welcomed by the Golinelli Workshop since 2015 (including 100,000 students and 14,000 teachers annually); there are over 30,000 teachers who are part of a permanent community; 1,000 startups have been evaluated in the last six years; 150 startups are part of a permanent community and 40 entrepreneurial entities have been accelerated in six acceleration programs and in six different vertical fields; 24 startups are currently participating and there are over 150 industrial, cultural, institutional, and financial partners at the national and international levels.