Fondazione Sardegna pursues goals of public interest and social utility. In particular, it promotes the socio-economic development of the Sardinia region and pursues its objectives within predefined areas of intervention, through the allocation of contributions or financing to projects and initiatives of others, or through the promotion of its own projects and initiatives, also in collaboration with other public and private entities.

Fondazione Sardegna, in envisioning its institutional mission, has long-established agreements in partnership with the main universities on themes of scientific research, maintains a constant relationship with educational institutions through an Annual Call dedicated to them, and carries out an investment and financing policy oriented towards innovation, also through the implementation of projects in collaboration with the main public and private actors to enhance the Sardinian ecosystem and to promote the Sardinia region as a territory of innovation within the Business Community at national and international levels.

The main areas of intervention of the Foundation are: art and culture, research and innovation, public health, volunteering and philanthropy, local development, education and training.