Antonio Cabras

Antonio Cabras has held institutional positions at national level in various legislatures.

Senior Partner of the Cagliari engineering company Studio Profesioni Associati Srl, he currently holds the position of Board Member of the F2i SGR Fund, an Italian infrastructure fund with assets under management of over 7 billion euros and of the SICAV/SIF Luxembourg Foundations Platform, general partner authorized by the Commision de Surveillance du Secteur Financiaer, which includes some foundations of banking origin among its members and investors.

Among the previous roles, we highlight that of President of the Fondazione di Sardegna for about a decade, a foundation of banking origin which is configured as an Institutional Investor and is part of the group of Large Foundations at national level, with assets of approximately 1.3 billion market values and with important shareholdings in CDP (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti), CDP Reti and F2i (Italian Infrastructure Fund), and BPER.