T-One Therapeutics s.r.l.


The company is a spin-off of the National Institute of Molecular Genetics “Romeo and Enrica Invernizzi” (INGM).

The central point of Professor Beatrice Bodega’s discovery, co-founder of T-One Therapeutics, is attributing for the first time a crucial function in regulating the activation of T lymphocytes to certain sequences of human DNA (LINE1), sequences considered genetic waste for years.

Researchers at INGM instead discovered that these sequences are essential in inhibiting the functionality of T lymphocytes, immune system cells that are the primary pharmacological target for tumor immunotherapy (a therapy that has revolutionized the field of anti-tumor treatments in the last 10 years).

To degrade LINE1 RNA, the company has identified molecules called ASOs (antisense oligonucleotides).

The project aims to identify ASO molecules that can reactivate the immune response of “exhausted” T lymphocytes within the tumor microenvironment and thus fight the tumor from within.

Utopia invested in August 2022.